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Visitor Information

Reservation Advance Payment

Bank Nonghyup
Account Number 607081-55-000174
Account Holder The-K Hotel & Resort Jirisan Family Hotel
  • The entire bill of the stay must be paid in advance. Moreover, the name on the reservation must match the name of the sender. We request our guests to contact us via phone if the names differ before and after sending the payment. Failure to do so will prevent us from confirming your payment and may result in the cancellation of your reservation.
  • For credit card payments, we request our guests to contact us via phone after making the reservation.

Cancellation Policy

Classification Cancellation Charges
7–6 days before 5–4 days before 3–2 days before 1 day before Date of check-in
Low season Weekday - - - 10% 20%
Weekend - - - 20% 30%
High-Season Weekday 10% 30% 50% 80% 80%
Weekend 20% 40% 60% 90% 90%
  • Cancellation charges are based on the total bill of stay.
  • High season: High-season dates may be subject to change (includes holiday dates in each month).
  • Weekend: Friday and Saturday, the day before holidays

Additional Guests

Classification Standard Occupancy No. of Additional Guests Permitted Notes
Bronze(56㎡) 3 - -
Silver(66㎡) 4 - -
Gold(76㎡) 5 - -
Royal(125㎡) 5 - -
  • The room is assigned on the day of check-in at the front desk.

Check-in and Check-out Information

* Time

Check-in Check-out Notes
15:00 11:00 -

* Late Checkout Fees

Classification Rate Notes
11:00~17:00 10,000 won per hour. Late checkouts are not available during high seasons, holiday and weekends
after 17:00 Room rate for 1-night stay

* Checkout process

  • The-K Jirisan Family Hotel requests our guests to voluntarily clean up the room before checkout.
  • Please wash all cooking utensils and dishes used, and please separate the trash and the recyclable items and take them out to the 1st-floor outdoor trash bin.
  • Please make sure to return the room key to the front desk.

Room Amenities

  • Rooms in The-K Jirisan Family Hotel are condominium type and include cooking utensils and other amenities However, frying pans are not available, and utensils other than those available in the room may not work with the induction stove.
  • Guests are encouraged to bring their own basic amenities (shampoo, body wash), hair conditioner, toothbrush, and toothpaste.


  • Guests are required to reimburse damaged or lost amenities.
  • Guests who cause disturbances, such as loud noises or violence, will be required to leave the premises.
  • Open-flame cooking devices, such as portable gas stoves or electric grill, are not allowed in the rooms.
  • The presence of pets on our premises is prohibited because of potential inconveniences to other guests and allergic reactions. Please note that the responsible guest will be required to leave the premises if pets are discovered within the premises.
  • To ensure a comfortable environment for all, we kindly ask all guests to refrain from open-flame frying (grilled pork, grilled fish, etc.) in the room.
  • 객실 냉난방은 중앙통제시스템으로 되어 있고 냉방과 난방 동시에 가동이 불가능합니다. 이용시 참고해주시기바랍니다.
  • The air conditioning and heating in the room is the central system. Cooling and heating are not possible at the same time.