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Leisure Space

A Comfortable Leisure Culture Space
in Jirisan Mountain’s Hot Springs

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TThe-K Jirisan Family Hotel
The-K Jirisan Family Hotel, located in Jirisan Mountain’s Sandong Valley, is an all-purpose leisure facility equipped with 134 condominium-style rooms, lobby lounge, restaurant Cafeteria, and hot springs and sauna facilities drawing from the pristine hot springs water of Jirisan Mountain
Travel Satisfaction
Our Grand Ball Room, conference rooms, and amenities will guarantee the success of your seminars, school trips, and other events. We at The-K Jirisan Family Hotel pledge to do our best to ensure that our space will continue to guarantee top-quality services and comfort in your leisure and rest.
  • Date of Opening
    October 9, 2003
  • Number of Rooms
    134 Rooms
  • Parking Space
    Capable of accommodating about 200 cars at once
  • Restaurants
    Lobby Lounge, Cafeteria
  • Telephone
  • Address
    317, Jirisanoncheon-ro, Sandong-myeon, Gurye-gun, Jeollanam-do
  • Structure
    1 floor underground, 7 floors aboveground
  • Facilities
    Banquet halls of all sizes, Hot springs and sauna, convenience store, karaoke bar, specialties store, outdoor barbeque area
The-K Jirisan Family Hotel
  • 2017 10 Aug Selected as Hotel of Excellence in Fire Safety, South Jeolla Province
  • 2014 20 Aug Grand Ballroom opening ceremony
  • 2012 12 Nov Brand name change (Jirisan Family Hotel → The-K Jirisan Family Hotel)
  • 2003 9 Oct Opening (under the name Jirisan Family Hotel)
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