• Crystal Ballroom

Crystal Ballroom

An elegant wedding hall with the view of the Sky Garden

Elegant design, modern interior, and seasonally changing flower decorations help put together the ideal wedding ceremony. The reception, held in the Sky Garden, is the unique feature of a wedding ceremony in the Crystal Wedding Hall and what makes the wedding so special here.


Basic Information

  • LoactionConvention Center 3F
  • TypeIntegrated Ceremony
  • Capacity250seats
  • MenuWestern Food
  • Ceremony Intervals3hr
  • Parking1,500cars

Wedding Service

  • A Modern Take on Traditional PyebaekOur Pyebaek Room combines the traditional beauty of Korea with modern comfort for your ideal Pyebaek ceremony.
  • Flower DecorationsOur flower decorations are created with the expert touch of master florists to brighten up the space for your special day.
  • A Carefully Furnished Bride Waiting RoomOur bride waiting rooms are furnished with a simple, yet elegant interior design to accentuate the beauty of the bride.
  • Wedding Menus Executed with CareOur menu is prepared with expert touch and care from fresh and healthy ingredients for your guests’ pleasure.